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In which he writes about sharpening (sometimes) and other things that he thinks may interest woodworkers. Here's an example.

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Linda creates magazine-quality articles of interest to woodworkers. She keeps them newsy, not ... hype-y, and sends one out via email about once a month. Click to subscribe. You can always cancel if your inbox is overwhelming you with free shipping offers and drivel from everyone else. I guarantee you'll love it!

Here's the list of newsletters to date:

2018 November -- The Toolidays are Coming - Hock Tools to the Rescue

2018 October -- Yes. A Renaissance Period Handplane & Ben Hobson and his four Hock Tools plane kits

2018 August -- Plane or Sand - The Not-so-Exquisite Dilemma

2018 April -- New! 12" Knife Sharpening Steel

2018 February -- Overheated Steel & An Interview with British Planemaker Bill Carter

2017 November -- Trial by Fire & Your Happy Toolidays List of Hock Tools $50 and Less

2017 September -- Available Oct. 1-Hock Tools Scraper Planes

2017 June -- How One Question Got Two Answers

2017 May -- Q&A About Local Hardwoods for Planes; Handworks in Amana

2017 February --Corrosion is the Pits & a New DVD

2017 January -- Goodbye Bunginga, Hello Jatoba

2016 December 8 -- Forgot the Apron

2016 November 29 -- Spotlight on Marking Knives; Holiday Gift Ideas

2016 October 26 -- Hock Blades in Lie-Nielsen Planes?; 6 More Schools that Teach You to Make Your Own Wooden Handplane; Dan Kratville's Chef's Knife Odyssey

2016 August 23 -- Spotlight on Scraper Planes and Blades; Isaac Fisher's New Wooden Scraper Plane

2016 July 6 -- Shoutout for The Krenov Foundation Professional Development Award

2016 June 2 -- Q&A About a Clogging Plane; 7 Schools That Teach Plane-Making; Ward Shrake's Wooden Block Plane

2016 April 12 -- Anne Briggs Bohnett's A New Life for Grandpa's Plane

2016 March 8 -- Anne Briggs Bohnett's Will the Real Iron Man Please Step Forward

2016 January 26 -- Vic Tesolin's Minimalist Woodworker

2015 November 24 -- Hock Aprons; Scott Seganti's Marking Knife

2015 October 15 -- Epoxy How-To; European Woodworking Show Report; The Krenov Foundation Award 

2015 July 20 -- What You Don't Know About Spokeshaves; More About Sharpening Kitchen Knives; Hock Spokeshave Kits; Vincent Lavarenne's Shave

2015 June 20 -- Sharpening Kitchen Knives; Mark Ketelsen's Wooden Smoother

2015 April 2 -- Two New Kitchen Knife Kits; Russ Grimm's Wooden Smoother; Million & Clark Knives

2015 March 10 -- Isaac Fisher on Using a Shoulder Plane; Tom Iovino on Get Woodworking Week

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