Wood Shop: Handy Skills and Creative Building Projects for Kids 

By Margaret Larson

Paperback -- Storey Publishing 2018 #MLWS $20.00 Buy Now

It’s time to give your child or grandchild a hammer, help them step up to the workbench, and begin to measure, saw, drill, and make cool things! With step-by-step photos and clear instructions for 18 creative projects to decorate their bedrooms, create their own play equipment, and more, Wood Shop invites aspiring woodworkers to learn such essential skills as how to drive a nail, use a power drill, "measure twice, cut once," and to saw correctly. Favorite projects include Sky-High Stilts, Suspended Shelves, an Easy-Up Tent, and a Mighty Message Board. This book is a friendly guide for you to use when sharing your love of woodworking, as well as the perfect gift for those beloved tinkerers who might enjoy the introduction or may already be following in your footsteps as a woodworker.

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