The Craft of Veneering by Craig Thibodeau

Paperback -- Taunton Press 2018 -- # CTTCV $30.00 Buy Now

The Craft of Veneering by Craig Thibodeau was recommended to Hock Tools by master woodworker and instructor Brian Condran. Both Brian and publisher Taunton Press (Fine Woodworking Magazine) consider this volume a complete guide to veneering.

Craig Thibodeau has been a professional furniture maker specializing in veneering and decorative inlay for almost 20 years. He has won numerous awards for his furniture and written many how-to articles for various woodworking magazines. In this volume, Craig explains how and why veneer is made and illustrates the many ways to incorporate veneer into furniture and boxes. Lavishly illustrated with over 450 photos, The Craft of Veneering is a virtual master class in on the subject, from the basics on tools, glues, and presses to advanced techniques on marquetry, parquetry, and bent laminations. Borrowing equally from old and new techniques and adding discoveries of his own, Craig shares a wealth of veneering tricks and showcases the work of today’s preeminent makers also working with veneer.

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